Top Quality Oil Treatments

Over time, as your vehicle grows older and the odometer starts climbing, changes are taking place within your engine. Friction and increased metal-to-metal contact create elevated temperatures in the engine. As the temperatures increase, gaskets and seals begin to deteriorate, dry out, crack, and may begin to leak. Gaps begin to develop between the cylinder walls, piston rings, and valve guide seals.

High mileage vehicles are particularly vulnerable to leakage, valve noise, and oil smoking. So, every individual engine, from new to old, require some help in order to act at peak performance levels.

West Penn formulates, blends, and packages top-quality oil treatments. We are capable of producing to your specifications for your proprietary products. We can also work with you to develop new oil treatment products.

Products that we currently manufacture, blend, fill, motor oil packaging, engine oil packaging or package include engine oil leak reducers, exhaust smoke reducers, special “high mileage” engine enhances, and, of course, an oil treatment product to keep your engine protected.

Regardless of your need, West Penn Oil will handle it!

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