Speciality Liquid Product
Packaging & Blending Services

Speciality Liquid Product
Packaging & Blending Services

west penn oil co., inc.

Who We Are

With a reputation for quality since 1921, West Penn Oil., Inc is one of the country’s leading independent contract packagers of Quality Lubricants, Oil Treatment, Engine Oils, Radiator Additives, Transmission Fluids, Industrial Oils, Engine Oil Additives and Fuel Additives.

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West Penn Facility

Our History

Founded in 1921, West Penn Oil began operations as an oil brokerage company. Unlike other brokerage firms of the time, West Penn always purchased products produced from Pennsylvania crude oil and established ownership in their own name before selling these purchased products.

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Liquid Packaging Solutions

Our Oil Additive Packaging/Products

Oil Treatment

Radiator Flush

Transmission Stop Leak

Fuel Injector Cleaners

Viscosity Modifiers

Engine Oils

Power Steering Fluid

Octaine Boosters

Radiator Stop Leak

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