Eye Catching Labels

So, now what? After the great amount of time, effort, and money invested in chemical research, formulation, quality control, budgeting and sales forecasting, it’s finally time to recoup your investment. The ultimate goal is to provide the end-user with a product line that fits their needs.

We know of no better way to command quality shelf space for increasing point-of-purchase sales than to optimize bottle and label design. The product you wish to market is inside the bottle and the consumers’ vision is not. Therefore, your potential for sales for your product becomes perceived product quality and value. Your product’s label design is of utmost importance in the creation of this perception.

West Penn Oil offers design and production assistance for all of our customers. We’ll work directly with you to create the product image you wish to portray to the consumer. From concept to completion, West Penn is there to help you succeed.


When your bottle and labeling design is complete and the filling process is accomplished, your product is ready for label application. West Penn’s labeling and coding capabilities include manual to fully-automated application. We offer automated wrap labeling, front and back labeling, three panel labeling, and hot stamp or inkjet coding. The inkjet coding is useful for printing batch/production dates, “sell by” dates, expiration dates, or any other information you may require.

At West Penn Oil, our goal is to provide you with the services you need from product concept through after-sales support. We promise to treat you fairly by providing high quality throughout the production process, fair pricing, strict quality control, and exceptional customer service.

Think of us as a partner in your success.

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