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Founded in 1921, West Penn Oil has been synonymous with quality, personal care and personalized service for nearly a century. Not only are we one of the nation’s leading providers of wholesale petroleum products, we pride ourselves on providing premium liquid packaging for non-food-grade liquids in metal or plastic containers, and contract packaging and storage.

Our packaging system is top of the line. Through innovative machinery, we are able to seal your liquid blend in high quantity. There isn’t a job we can’t handle whether it be small packaging or big gallons, we can get it done.

Do you need to package non-food grade liquids for industry or consumers? We offer innovative packaging solutions for automotive and household products as well as many industries. If your products are water-based or petroleum-based, we have over a hundred years of experience in packaging solutions to meet your needs and the expectations of your customers.

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What Is Liquid Packaging?

West Penn offers liquid packaging solutions to help you deliver your products to clients and consumers around the world. If you have a liquid to be packaged, we can package it in containers ranging from as small as 2 oz. bottles to 55 gallon drums. We understand some of the liquid products we can create tend to hold high levels of chemicals, that’s why we make sure the packaging process ensures safety among transportation and consumer use. Whatever the liquid type may be, we put an emphasis on creation and control, ensuring you that from the start of the liquid creation, to the sealing of the product, we have it handled.

What We Do

In addition to fulfilling all of your liquid packaging needs, West Penn maintains an array of storage, blending tanks and pumps to fit your requirements. Nobody understands better than us the wide varieties of packaging options available to today’s consumers, and we take pride in offering innovative solutions that fit your business’s needs.

Production Capacity

With 60,000 square feet of manufacturing area, 30,000 square feet of heated warehouse, and 800,000 gallons of storage capacity for raw materials, we are well equipped to fill orders with full precision blending capacity for production runs from 100 to 50,000 gallons. We guarantee your order will be processed smoothly, accurately, and rapidly.

Safety First

Just as it is for us, we know that your primary concern is safety for your own employees and for your customers. You want packaging solutions that meet your own rigorous safety standards as well as regulations. We have long experience in making sure that our packaging meets all safety regulations throughout the production process. All our packages are thoroughly inspected for proper sealing and integrity before we ship. Moreover, we offer consultation as to which kind of packaging is best for your product in terms of safe transport and handling after it leaves our premises.

Quality Control

Do you have a product with a special additive in the mix? We specialize in blending liquids to exact customer and regulatory specifications. We know that your product’s efficacy and reputation is based on the precise blend of liquids, and so we have established an on-site laboratory to monitor and maintain strict quality control during all production runs. Whether it’s an oil or gasoline treatment or a household cleaner, we have the knowhow to assure consistency of formulation in making the product that carries your brand’s reputation.

Packaging Options

Whether your end-market is the individual consumer or an entire industry, we offer a wide range of options for packaging your liquid water-based and petroleum-based products. Our current sizes range from 2 ounce bottles to 55 gallon drums. We are equipped and experienced to manufacture packaging for many different kinds of products, including lighter fluid, fuel additives, and chemical cleaners. Our innovative machinery can handle high production runs to seal your product safely and securely in the metal or plastic containers that you specify.


You want your product to stand out, and that means having the best possible design for your product labels. We work with clients to ensure that product containers will have the visual appeal needed to compete in a crowded marketplace, whether it’s for the supermarket shelf or an online store. Our state of the art labeling capabilities offer a wide range of materials and spectrum of colors to achieve the best appearance for your product.


We go the extra mile (and kilometer) when it comes to shipping. For the safe and timely transport of packages, you may choose UPS or commercial trucking. If you’re ordering bulk liquids, our loading facilities also accommodate bulk tankers.

We also specialize in international shipping with extensive experience in dealing with international shipping regulations and protocols. You want your product to arrive at your destination on time and in best condition, and we will work with you to ensure that happens with every order.

Get Started Today

We have the production capacity to meet your needs. We will make sure that our production runs meet your quality requirements and safety concerns. Your product will be packaged according to your requirements and design. Contact us today and we’ll get started on processing your order.

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