What are Fuel Additives & Gas Additives?

Fuel additives were developed to improve the declining quality of fuel and combat the increasing cost of fuel. Fuel additives give you higher performance by cleaning your fuel system, boosting octane, and saving you money by lowering fuel usage, all while reducing environmentally harmful emissions. Protecting your vehicle with a basic maintenance program will help it run better and last longer. Using an additive in your fuel when you fill the tank and treating the oil when you have it changed is an excellent way to prolong the life of your vehicle and keep it running smoothly. It’s important to keep the fuel system clean and free from deposits that harm your engine and reduce it’s maximum performance. Confused about what your car or truck may need, below is a brief description of the most common fuel additives.

Cleaners for Injectors, Carburetors, and Fuel systems: the dispersants in fuel additives prevent build-up of particles and wax that gunk up a fuel system. Cleaning the fuel system helps your engine run smoother, reduces knocks, and harmful emissions.

Anti-Gel additive for Diesel fuel keeps diesel fuel from getting thick “gelling” in cold temperatures without the use of expensive kerosene.

Diesel, Biodiesel, Ethanol, Gas, and Fuel Oil treatments: many fuel additives are a combination of cleaners and additives to increasing the lubricity of your fuel system preventing wear. They also prevent corrosion of the metal, filters and seals inside of the engine. Ethanol treatments help prevent the damaging effects of ethanol fuel on your engine.

Octane Boosters improve the cetane rating of fuel, eliminating engine knock while restoring power and performance.

Water Remover/Fuel dryer: Fuel expands and contracts with temperature changes which causes condensation in it’s container. Using a dry gas or fuel dryer disperses those water particles and ice crystals which helps prevent icing and fuel line freeze- up. It also inhibits rust and corrosion formation.

Fuel Stabilizers: slow the aging and oxidation of fuel making it last longer, and helps prevent the growth of bacteria and algae which is prevalent in diesel and oil. Fuels tend to separate as they age and stabilizers help prevent that.

West Penn Oil has been custom blending oils and providing top of the line fuel treatments, additives, conditioners, lubricants and cleaners since 1935. We are an authorized distributor of the complete line of FPPF products. Our laboratory produces top of the line treatments for todays high tech vehicles. With a production line for blending and packaging, and our hands on attention to detail we bring you a product that goes above and beyond industry standard. Once a product is ready for bottling there is a ten line filling production line with state of the art packaging and labeling equipment, then off to shipping for transport by truck or rail.

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