Blister packaging offers your business a customized packaging solution to fit the unique needs of your products. Seen across several industries and product lines, such as over-the-counter medication blister packs and small hardware items like washers and screws, blister packaging can be tailored to your product line and offers the flexibility to add your branding to the design imprint. The thermoforming process used to mold the plastic portion allows a range of products sizes to be safely and economically packaged for retail. At West Penn, we pride ourselves on working with your business deadlines and needs to produce quality, economical, and customized blister packaging that exceeds your expectations.

How Does Blister Packaging Work?

Unlike clamshell packaging, which encases your products within two sides of a hard plastic shell that is often difficult and frustrating for your customers to open, blister packaging uses a thin, thermoformed plastic blister attached to paperboard cards. This system allows the plastic blister to be designed to fit your product shape, creating an attractive display of your product with an economic benefit of less wasted plastic to package your product. The easily accessed product within the blister packaging creates a more customer-friendly approach to packaging when compared to encased clamshell packaging since customers can quickly access the product by peeling the plastic blister away from the paperboard cards or punch the product through the paperboard cards. Production of blister packaging offers the ability to used recycled blisters, creating an environmentally friendly packaging solution. With rapid production rates due to the efficient process of heat sealing the blister, blister packaging can help your business meet deadlines for product preparation.

How Can Blister Packaging Help Your Business?

Blister packaging offers several benefits to a wide array of different products across a range of consumer industries. Consider these benefits that blister packaging can provide your business:

Why Choose West Penn?

• Product Visibility. The clear plastic blister allows your product to be showcased to consumers as they shop and compare. Thermoforming the blister to snugly fit your product creates a safe package for the product that holds it secure and offers protection from shaking and breaking.

• Inventory Control. With blister packaging, your product is more securely contained, offering the advantage of inventory control to retailers who carry your product. Blister packaging reduces loss and theft of inventory in store.

• Branding. Keep your branding consistent across product lines with blister packaging that offers a distinct look to your products and allows your logo, brand, and design schemes to be printed on the packaging.

West Penn, founded in 1921, has a long and successful history in packaging and blending services and industries. Based in Pennsylvania with long-standing connections to the Pennsylvania crude oil industry, West Penn is a leader in packaging, product labeling, and liquid product blending. Located in Warren, Pennsylvania, West Penn has a modern manufacturing and packaging facility, a dedicated workforce, and company leaders that strive for excellence in their industry.

Blister Packaging offers a wealth of solutions to your product packaging needs. West Penn stands ready to partner with your business to customize a packaging solution to fit your business needs. Contact us today for more information.

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