West Penn Oil

 For nearly a century, West Penn Oil has been providing top quality service to our clients. We started in 1921 as an oil brokerage company and have evolved into a trusted blending and packaging provider for all areas of the automotive aftermarket. Now we are one of the country’s leading packagers of quality lubricants, oil treatment, industrial oils and fuel additives.

Our Additive Products Include:

  • Oil Treatment
  • Radiator Flush
  • Transmission Stop Leak
  • Fuel Injector Cleaners
  • Viscosity Modifiers
  • Engine Oils
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Octane Boosters
  • Radiator Stop Leak

Blending Services

West Penn can blend any oil or H2O-based non-food grade liquid in a variety of container sizes. Accuracy and attention to detail are part of our trademark quality and we take pride in delivering a perfect final product to market.

Liquid Packaging

We offer a variety of liquid packaging solutions to help you best deliver your products to clients and customers around the world. Our packaging ranges from a small a 2 oz. bottles all the way up to massive 55 gallon drums. Our packaging materials are able to hold products even that have high levels of chemicals, guaranteeing safety and quality.


What’s in a name? As a value-add service West Penn can provide customized labeling for your products. This includes barcodes, logos, safety information, and any other custom labeling you need to make your product packaging attractive and compliant with all regulations.

With our superior quality, service, and great value, you simply cannot afford to go with any other provider than West Penn. Our service comes with a personal touch that guarantees all your needs will be met.

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