West Penn Has History!

As a small oil brokerage company is where West Penn got its big break. This was all the back in the roaring 20s! Since then we have made huge leaps which brought us to be the big boy of an oil packaging company we are today. Since the beginning, we have been committed to giving the customer a quality product, no matter what that product may be.

Today we work with some of the biggest oil companies in the US, and pride ourselves in our commitment to a quality product we can be proud of. We know our industry, like I said before, our company has been around since 1921. This is much much longer than many of our competitors, and with our age comes inherent wisdom.

The oil industry is not an easy one to get involved in and become one of the big competitors in. While we are not the biggest by far, we are a successful company that knows exactly what we are doing, and we are good at it. Passion for work creates a quality product, and you can bet all of our employees are passionate about what they do.