Petroleum Blending Process

From automotive to household products West Penn Oil has the facility and capability to blend a wide range of products for their customers. Whether it is your own formula or you take advantage of their state of the art laboratory to develop a product, it can be formulated, blended, and packaged under the 60,000 square feet facility. Custom blending outside of the core products that they already make is not a problem. West Penn Oil can blend oil based and water based products for your lubricating or cleaning needs.

Once you have the formula perfected it is off to the blending process. Trust the high tech filtering and blending process to consistently pump out the precise formula in every batch. Much like precision measurements of all the ingredients for a cake, the more accurate you are the better the final product turns out. With a complete line of FPPF products you can be assured of unsurpassed quality in all of the products and manufacturing that West Penn Oil has to offer.

A perfectly blended product gets finished off with a top of the line packaging and marketing label. The state of the art labeling equipment has the capability of front and back labels, wrap-around labels, and neck labels. Your product is now packaged and boxed up ready to move out to the consumer.