Quality Control is a Key Component of Your Product!

Over the years, your company has spent many dollars and many hours in creating a formulation that will best suit the requirements of its end use by your customer. Your customer makes a decision to use your product with the expectations that it will do what it is supposed to do.

To assure that your customer is satisfied, you created your specific formulation. Now it’s time for the production run. The necessary materials are ordered, delivered, specifications are checked, and are ready for blending. Once blended, your blender’s Quality Control Department kicks into action by retrieving a blend sample, deliver it to the laboratory for testing and approval. If the blend sample meets all specifications, the blender transfers the blend from the blending tank to the line filling tank.

The filling line has been readied by maintenance and setup. At this point, the Production Supervisor reviews and approves the start of production. Fluid line and product line samples are taken and, once again, taken to the laboratory for analysis. The Product Fluid Sample is logged into the Lab Physical Properties logbook. The line sample is quality checked and documented using the Line Retain Audit Checklist. If no abnormalities are found, the Production Line Leader records all initial information on the Production and Quality documents. The production line then completes the run.

The product is then packaged and taken to the warehouse for a Dock Audit. The audit involves opening one carton per pallet for a final quality check. Once completed, all product control documentation returned to the office for archiving.

At West Penn, quality petroleum packaging is priority. We satisfy your requirement and you, in turn, satisfy the needs of the consumer. After all, we are all in this together!

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