Given The Choice, Would You Purchase Your Own Product

You have a great oil product that can potentially make you a fortune. After the great amount time, effort, and money invested in chemical research, formulation, quality control, budgeting and sales forecasting, it’s finally time to recoup your investment. Since the ultimate goal is to provide the end-user with a product line that fits their needs.

I know of no better way to command quality shelf space for increasing point-of-purchase sales than to optimize bottle and label design. The product you wish to market is inside the bottle and the consumers’ vision is not. Therefore, your potential for sales for your product becomes perceived product quality and value. Your product’s label design is of utmost importance in the creation of this perception.

Having previously owned an advertising agency for nearly 20 years, I have seen some phenomenal product labels and packaging. However, I have also seen many dull, lifeless, and even atrocious designs that I wonder how the products even made it into the marketplace. Colorful, creative, and graphically appealing labels and packaging can create trust, need, and, most importantly, brand recognition and loyalty. Given the above, and if the product performs to the expectations of the end-user, your potential for success and increased profits can soar!

So, please review your current labeling and package designs immediately. Is your name and logo prominently displayed? Are the graphics of high quality and modern? Does your product’s text scream out the benefits gained by continual use of the product? If you have not answered yes to all of the above questions, it’s time to overhaul your product’s point-of- purchase appeal! Reaching your product’s potential profitability may well depend on it.