Information On Different Oil Packaging Options And Benefits

There is a lot of information available online on Oil Packaging and companies like West Penn Oil Co., Inc. where one can find content on different services that are available pertaining to lubricants, fuel additives, and industrial and engine oils. These companies try to strive for excellence in many different areas such as safety in transportation, leak prevention, and quality products.

Although these companies provide several different products, many offer a lab service. This is commonly a fully staffed lab to help with formulation of the different products. Consumers can request between two bases such as water based and petroleum based liquids. It is common for consumers to provide a formula for a product or for the consumer to request the company to develop the product formula.

Another decision the consumer will have to make is on the bottling options. There are several different options in size and material of the bottle. Sizes can range from 16 and 32 ounce bottles to gallon or larger. Material choices for the bottle itself can be almost anything from plastic, metal, glass, or other material choice. One does need to consider the finished product before settling on a bottling option as some products may not be compatible with the bottling material.

Labeling is an important decision since oil based products may come with certain regulations or other restrictions already in place that have to be met. It is common to find labeling centers within the company. Labels can be attached either by front and back, neck, or wrap around labels in different colors and fonts. One should consider the information that needs to be displayed for the consumer.

Once bottling and labeling decisions have been made, one needs to consider the method of filling the containers. One can choose from vacuum, gravity, microprocessor controlled, and pressure filling. The final product should be considered as some methods of filling as some methods may not work for every product or for every container.

Transportation options are also available in the form of rail car or transfer truck. Many facilities already have designated loading and unloading areas to accommodate these options. However one may need to consider other transportation methods. Typically these companies try to meet every need or may be able to recommend a transportation service that can.

The overall size of the facility should also be a consideration since product orders can vary depending on the needs of the consumer. Many of the facilities offer storage for several hundred thousand gallons of finished or raw material. It is also common that they can offer manufacturing, bottling, and labeling within the same facility. Other options that may be necessary are heated warehouses. These options are dependent on the final product.
The packaging industry can offer many different options for the consumer. These options can include transportation, bottling, filling, and storage for both water based and petroleum based liquids. One should consider all of the options as well as any regulations that may accompany the finished product. Many of the options available are commonly available on site at the facility. Companies such as West Penn Oil Co., Inc. and the Oil Packaging products available are some of the best know, so contact them today.