A Little Insight On Oil

Motor oil is something that you don’t really think about until you’re low on it. It is crucially important to choose the right manufacturing and packaging company for your motor oil because, let’s face it, something that important, you don’t want to leave in the hands of an amateur.

West Penn has been in business for longer than many other oil manufactures, and this gives us an intellectual advantage over the competition. We know our oil! We are capable of doing customized blends that will suit just about any customer request, as well as package it very small, and very large quantities. Depending on what you want, synthetic materials can be blended into the mix to achieve the desired outcome.

Without oil, nearly all machine-grade equipment would be a hunk of scrap metal. Think about this next time you are trying to really sell someone on the importance of an oil change. Oil is often called the blood of the engine, and without blood, or oil, the machine is useless.

We offer quality product, and quality customer service to all of our clients, and let’s face it, we know more than the next guy. You oil processing company is just important to your product, as the oil itself.