7th Key: Office and Support Personnel

7) Office and Support Personnel – When you choose a vendor you are choosing a strategic partner in your own business.
New discussion: In the first keys we examined the importance of your needs for a vendor’s production, warehousing, and shipping capabilities. In this final post, we need to examine the ultimate key… the human side of business.

Meet the key management team, production supervisors, quality control, and in-house order processing personnel. These individuals will be the greatest success tool for your products. Knowing them personally and developing an open communication network with them will be the core of your relationship with the new vendor.

In the beginning of your new relationship with a new vendor there will be a definite “getting to know you” period. During this critical time, relationships and friendships are formed, management styles are revealed, and trust levels develop.

As the second period or “comfort level” emerges, stronger bonds of friendship and reliance grow. Now, we’re getting things done! We’re communicating needs, solving problems together, and most importantly, increasing each party’s value to your