7 Keys to Choosing Your Automotive After-Market Product Blender/Filler/Packaging Company

With notable competition on the market, choosing any company to do business with can be quite the endeavor. Here are some key factors to consider when choosing your after-market automotive product company.

  1. Years in Business – If the company has been around for a many years, there are probably several good reasons why they have been.
  2. Industry Reputation – Your trade associations, friendly competitors, and business monitoring agencies are great sources of reputation information
  3. Production Capabilities – Match your product volume needs with the capability of your prospective vendor. Can they produce to your schedule? Do they have the equipment to produce your product efficiently?
  4. Quality Control – Your product quality is one of your company’s greatest assets! Be sure that the vendor has strict product quality control procedures and that they adhere to them.
  5. Warehouse Capacity – Be sure that your vendor has the warehouse space to store your product while waiting for your release and shipping to your distribution centers.
  6. Shipping Capability – Know your vendor’s capability to ship on-time using the various logistical means that suit your requirements.
  7. Office and Support Personnel – Meet the key management team, production supervisors, quality control, and in-house order processing personnel. These individuals will be the greatest success tool for your products. Knowing them personally and developing an open communication network with them will be the core of your relationship with the new vendor.

Your new Blender/Filler/Packaging Company will become a new “strategic partner” in your business. Treat them as such!