Stoneridge Partners | DrunkWood Builds Kentucky: Local installation artist and furniture builder recently installed his rendition of the state of Kentucky on an office wall at Stoneridge Partners, 710 Breckenridge Lane in St. Matthews. He also built a custom table, constructed from reclaimed wood from a local rackhouse – the building in which whiskey is aged.

President and CEO Rich Tinsley says, “I’ve admired the work of DrunkWood for quite awhile. I also believe in supporting and showcasing Kentucky artisans and local products. For instance, we use engraved Louisville Slugger bats to memorialize big deals we’ve closed.”

In an interview by Maggie Kimberl / February 9, 2016 in The Whiskey Wash (link to full article is below), John King said: To this day, I still do DrunkWood out of my backyard, shed, or garage. I like to keep things small and personal by only doing custom orders. Also, I don’t have much storage. I get asked all the time if people can come to my shop and see my work, I always tell them, “Sure, just watch out for my dogs poop in the yard”. I don’t have any work in any shops or retailers because I want the pieces priced in a way anyone can afford them. From coast to coast, people overcharge the shit out of anything made from bourbon staves. I laugh sometimes when I see prices on certain pieces. My style is pretty rustic and basic, some people are doing some amazing things with barrel wood.


John King, owner of DrunkWood LLC, takes used wine & bourbon barrels and reclaimed wood and turns them into unique pieces of home decor and furniture. DrunkWood only takes custom orders and keeps minimal items in stock. Please feel free to contact John King with any questions or pricing inquiry at [email protected]

Stoneridge Partners | DrunkWood Builds Kentucky

DrunkWood constructed this table from ricks, the wooden structures on which barrels of whiskey rest during aging.




Stoneridge Partners | DrunkWood Builds Kentucky

To see more of his work visit his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter.