Stoneridge Partners | High Quality Hospices in DemandStoneridge Partners | High Quality Hospices in Demand – It’s hard to believe 2 months have passed since the NHPCO meeting in National Harbor, MD. Since then, we have continued to see increased consolidation among hospice agencies, especially in Certificate of Need States. If you are thinking of selling, now is the perfect time. There is an enormous demand for and not enough of high quality hospices in the market. As a result, many owners are receiving the highest valuations we’ve seen in recent years.

As you may know, Stoneridge Partners focuses exclusively on helping hospice and home care agencies as they consider an exit strategy. If you would like to know the worth of your hospice or home care agency, we can do a no-cost valuation and privately review your likely selling price in today’s market. Should you decide to proceed, we can discuss how to confidentially market your business to our group of qualified buyers.

There are no fees unless and until we produce a buyer at a price and terms you accept and a transaction is consummated. For more information, call (800) 218-3944 or email Rich Tinsley, President & CEO, [email protected], or Tina Mackin, Director of Business Development, [email protected].